When Long Distance Moving It’s A No Contest

Moving in the time of the coronavirus outbreak

As such, we are closely monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). All of our employees have been made aware of the best practices of sanitation and protocol for avoiding the spread or contraction of disease.

What We Are Doing Differently

We understand that this outbreak is adding extra stress and concerns to everyday life, so we are taking some additional actions that aim to help our customers.

– All of our employees undergo testing every day before they interact with any customers. We ensure a temperature reading and if anyone is exhibiting any symptoms of illness, they are sent home immediately.

– If requested, our movers can wear gloves while they are moving your items. Please talk to one of our professional moving agents for more details.

– We are also happy to conduct a remote estimate over the phone if you have reservations about having someone enter your home

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take actions necessary to help keep our employees and customers safe while providing you the best possible moving experience.


Your stuff won’t get mixed up

Traditional moving companies will often transport several customers’ belongings in the same truck, increasing the possibility of mix-ups and lost items during transit. containers are loaded by you, locked by you, and unlocked by you, eliminating these possibilities completely.

No delivery address necessary

is perfect for moves when you haven’t quite figured out where you’re going to live yet. Whether you’re starting a new job ASAP and still need time to look for a place, or your new home is being renovated before you move in, our built-in storage options make it easy to store your stuff with us until you’re ready for it

Change of plans? No worries.

Moving can be complicated, and we understand that sometimes things can change. it’s never a problem. We’re built to be flexible, so we can reschedule dates and destinations quickly and easily.

Get help packing and loading

In addition to the mental stress of planning and scheduling your move, there’s the physical challenge of packing your entire home and loading it into a truck. But we refer local, professional packing and loading services to do as much or as little as you’d like, so you can save your energy for the housewarming party.

Cross-country moving made easy

Portable containers are ideal for long-distance moves or moving across country for a job, especially if you haven’t quite figured out your final housing. That’s because storage is built into every move, so you can take your time finding a new place.


Dedicated truck option

Don’t worry about sharing your truck space or move-day with anyone else. Opt for a dedicated truck packed with you in mind and driven directly to your new home.

A guaranteed quote

Receive a fixed price and then reserve your move without having to worry about hidden fees.

Precise pickup and delivery

There’s no need to get held up by service windows. you can relax knowing your movers 
and belongings will be there exactly when they’ve been requested to be there.

In-state moving

Moving in-state can be a Catch-22. You can’t book a local move, but you don’t want the markups associated with most long-distance moves. Don’t worry. Our concierge approach enables us to coordinate the necessary services without unnecessary fees.

Interstate moving

Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or going across the country, we have the teams and the trucks to help you go the distance.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving

Are there any deal breakers in the relationship?

If you’re making any huge life decision together, you should be at the point in your relationship that there are no more deal breakers. This means that no amount of dirty towels on the floor, messy dishes in the sink, or future fights would be enough to break you up. You’ve seen each other through thick and thin and feel committed to each other through better or worse.

Are you both in a good financial situation?

As unromantic as finance is, it’s logically one of the most important aspects of a big move. Strategize your own financial situation, and since moving is expensive in itself, figure out if you can comfortably afford it on your own. Have a discussion with your partner about your financial plan as a couple regarding the move — if you don’t find a job for six months or a year, can they cover rent? What about groceries and other necessities? If you’re moving in together, your partner should be in a good enough financial situation (and willing!) to support both of you while you’re job searching, and you should have enough saved up to not solely depend on your partner to move.

Would you actually enjoy living in the city you’re moving to?

is it really worth living in a city or town you hate? Think of all the factors that go into the new place you’ll be living — if you’ll be away from your family, whether or not there are factors in your life now that you can’t live without, and if you could see the new city you’re moving to feeling like home. A relationship requires sacrifice, but if you’ll never be able to think of the city as your home, then you and your partner should make a compromise to find a city you both can live in.

If things don’t work out, what’s your backup plan?

Even if there are no more deal breakers and your relationship is serious #goals, the logical thinker knows there is always the chance it might not work out (even if the chance is small — like minuscule). You should always have a backup plan, or at least think about what you would do if the relationship did not work out. Would you keep the job you get and continue pursuing your career in the city you moved to, or would you quit and move back? Make sure you have a plan you’re comfortable with before you make the move, so you’ll never be in the position of being blindsided by the end of a relationship without knowing what to do.

Would your partner make the move for you?

You and your significant other have probably worked out which person should move and which location you should move to, based on logistics. Maybe that meant their professional life was more flexible, or you agreed being closer to your partner’s family was most important. But unless both of you would give up jobs, friends, or a life to be closer to the other if the roles were reversed, don’t make that big of a life change. If either of you feel like it wasn’t a move out of mutual love, you’ll end up feeling resentment.


Remember your first long distance move? You probably packed a few boxes for your first college dorm room or first apartment. Maybe you borrowed a friend’s truck or SUV and asked a few pals to help you move to your new place. Probably the most difficult thing you had to carry in was a mattress or a sofa. Then afterward, you bought everyone pizza as a thank you and called it a day.

As you got older, you acquired more Stuff: more furniture, more dishes, more clothes. More electronics and game consoles. Then you married and had kids and the Stuff multiplied with toys and four-wheelers and a workshop and a home office and gardening equipment and the list goes on. And on. And now you’ve just gotten your big break or that great new promotion and the thought of having to move all of that Stuff is intimidating. And this time, it’s not just moving across town, it’s to the next state or across the country. How are you ever going to make this happen?

Find the Best Long Distance Moving Company

At Long Distance Moving we want to help you find the right mover for your long distance move. Rather than choosing from all of the myriad companies out there, we narrow down your choices to the companies that are best suited for you, your area, and your needs. We only work with movers who we have pre-screened and vetted in order to ensure that they have the appropriate skills, licenses, and insurance. And because we are veterans of the moving industry, we know what to look for and what questions to ask in order to ensure that the movers we recommend meet our expectations, and yours.

Hassle-Free Moving Experience!

A big move can be the beginning of an exciting adventure. Whether it is to take a new job or to live in a city, town, or landscape you have always dreamed of, your long distance move can mean a fresh new start for you and your family. Your long distance moving company can make a big difference in ensuring that this happy time is not marred by hiccups or hangups on moving day.