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What I Wish I Knew Before My Company Moved Offices

Moving offices—just like moving your home—is a big decision, replete with pitfalls and headaches that can sap the resources of even the most prepared company.

To facilitate this move, and ensure a smooth transition, the team here designated a move committee: a team of experts, picked for their specific knowledge around problems knew would arise with the big move.

Start with “Why?”

The most important consideration our experts shared was the importance of “Why?” “Why are we moving offices?” “Make sure everyone knows the ‘why’ of the move,” says. “People respect transparency. You need to outline whether it’s going to be better or worse for them.”

Let’s face it, companies move for lots of reasons—sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good. Those not-so-good reasons (downsizing, reducing real estate costs) can be tough to navigate, but Slater stresses that transparency is key. “Ultimately, you’re relocating because you want the experience to be better for everyone at the other end. Even if you have to move for a negative reason, it’s important to transparently communicate why the move is needed. Cutting costs can be hard, but ultimately it’s for the best.”

Of course, plenty of moves come with lots of good news too—growing teams, expanding revenue, and new opportunities. Even when things are looking bright and sunny for your company, don’t take the ‘why’ for granted. You’re still asking people to change their routines, which in many ways is more challenging in good times than bad.


almost there, so new digital student card should be in use in no time! We just need to figure out the last IT-issues with that and then we are good to go. This is probably one of the biggest change this year, and it is visible especially for everyone with a student card. And don’t worry – we will inform about the new digital student card as soon as we know when it will be launched!

In many ways, it will make our everyday life much more easier for us, since for example many of the working groups that we are attending have their meetings in campus. It is also nice to be closer to the students, and we are sure that it will bring us something new.

want to make sure that students are considered as an important part in every decision. Cooperation between the universities and joint campus will provide many possibilities. We are also trying to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

wish for your feedback even in the smallest of issues, both via e-mail and anonymously in our feedback section in the website. We are doing everything for our student members – it’s easier to make an impact on your behalf if we know what your concerns and wishes are.



The process of coding floor plans is the first step in developing a logical move plan. The strategy is to prepare the move to flow in a logical and fluid manner. Every item to be moved must be identified and labeled so that it may be placed by the mover in its exact destination location. A tag also instructs a mover how to handle that item, for example: Contents (directive to the unpacker)

Location (where the item goes)

Sequence (one color may proceed another)

Liquidation (directive to mover)

Do not move (directive to the mover)

Storage (directive to the mover)

Contents (directive to the unpacker)

Placement of furniture and equipment at your new facility will be identified by number, not by name. When coding the floor plan each person and each area being moved must be identified with a single room or area number. To identify placement location, placards with the proper room numbers must be affixed to the entrance of each individual area and or room at your new facility

Everything must be tagged! For example; when a desk has a removable return, both pieces arc tagged. Each piece of computer equipment is tagged (i.e.: monitor, CPU, keyboard and cable bundle). Everything must be tagged no matter how seemingly inconsequential (i.e.: floor mats, white boards, trash cans, etc.). Items without a tag will not be moved this great level of detail means less supervision will be required at your new facility (remember; the mover’s time is your money).


Hard disk drives should be backed up prior to the move. Service, warranty or leasing agents must be notified that you intend to move the equipment. Do not pack these machines. Leave the machines on top of their desk or stand. All machines must be unfastened and disconnected. Pads and covers for machines should be placed in a carton.


Mover Services will supply cartons and/or crates which are uniform in size (making them easier to handle, thus speeding the move and saving money). Our cartons fold together and do not require tape for assembly or sealing. They are extremely strong and will hold up to 50 pounds. Cartons are stacked when moved; therefore, please don’t over pack them.

Things to Know When Hiring Office Movers

There are tons of movers and packers in every city. That is why it is good to know what you are looking for and what to expect when hiring movers for an office relocation job. The process can be smooth and easy or a complete nightmare. We would like to share the steps that will guide you through the hiring professional movers process with ease.

Start with recommendations from your partners or friends who may know of a few local office movers. This way, you can get an opinion from someone that has actually dealt with a specific moving company before.

Carry on and do some research on moving companies in your area. This is your time to screen out companies that you feel will not be the best for you. Bing or Google can help you find options in seconds. By the end of your initial screening, you should be left with three to five companies that you can narrow down to the right one for you. Check whether all selected companies have membership at The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). AMSA makes sure that all their members follow state and government regulations.

The next step to do is to call the remaining companies on your list and schedule an in-office estimate. Having a binding written estimate guarantees you that the company will not charge over an estimated price.

When the estimator arrives at your office, tell him/her in every detail the service you expect from the moving company. When you are done collecting estimates, review them in detail and choose the best one.

Then it is time to firmly decide on the best estimate and call the company to schedule the move.

Finally, get a written inventory list from the movers so that there is nothing missed, left behind or forgotten about.

If you follow these steps, you will assure yourself that you are hiring the right movers.


Running a business is full of challenges and stress. Trying to move a business to another location is a whole different story. Oftentimes, businesses and offices come to a point where they need to relocate. Whether it is to gain more room for a growing employee base, to lower operating costs, for better market access, or just to get a change of scenery, there are plenty of reasons why business need to relocate. Whether a business is moving across town or across the country, moving into a multi-office building or a one-level storefront, the moving process can often be difficult and overwhelming.


Moving Service have the experience needed to successfully help small and large businesses relocate to their new workspace. To help businesses make their next relocation successful and efficient, put together some tips that help make office moving easier for not only the business but for the employees, too. Check them out!

Plan the office relocation in advance

It isn’t wise to wait until the last minute to plan a residential move; the same goes for business moving, too. Planning in advance is essential as it can take months to plan and coordinate all the necessary details. Smaller businesses should allow at least three months of planning before the moving date, and larger businesses may need six months to iron out all the logistics and details. Allowing this much time beforehand will enable business owners to handle all the details that come up with ease as their moving day approaches.

Update employees

A business is nothing without its employees, so it is important that once the decision to relocate is made the employees are informed soon after. Depending on the moving timeline, businesses should ensure that they allow a sufficient amount of time for workers to adjust for the relocation needs ahead. Consistent communication and updates will ensure that employees are better prepared and comfortable with the upcoming transition.

Hire a professional moving service

Moving a business requires a lot of details and logistics, and hiring a professional mover is a vital step in the process. Hiring a professional early will not only guarantee you have moving services reserved, but it will also allow the moving company to offer their expertise during the planning process. We recommend hiring a full-service moving company one to three months ahead of the moving date. However, it is essential to ensure the company has experience with commercial relocation and office moving